Food Services

Learning requires brain fuel. We provide tasty and nutritious meals, which are prepared by Terra Bella Elementary School District. All meals follow the Dietary Guidelines for Americans along with CDE nutrition requirements.

Free and Reduced Lunch

No child should ever go hungry. We encourage all families to apply for the Free and Reduced Price Meal Program. We send home applications at the start of the school year, or you may download an application. We accept applications at any time during during the school year.

Cafeteria Behavior

Eating in the cafeteria is a privilege, not a right. We expect all students to follow cafeteria rules and behave in an orderly manner. Any students unable to behave responsibly will lose cafeteria privileges and must make alternate arrangements for lunch.

Cafeteria rules:

  • Sit in assigned area.
  • Remain seated until dismissed by instructional aide.
  • Upon dismissal, remove all trash at your table and deposit it in the trash can on your way out.
  • Use talking voices in the cafeteria—no shouting or screaming.
  • Do not throw food.